Sunday, 20 October 2013


As a management graduate, I learned to see things in a larger picture and see if a new view point could be created.
When I was introduced to Human Energy field sciences in late the 90s, a new world of health evolved and a peep into the invisible world of energy dynamics encouraged the study into why a person falls sick and how he gets well. The study followed a PhD in Biofield sciences that allowed me to meet patients, counsel and treat them with a new understanding.
Integrative Healthcare practice made it possible to offer people and patients a more effective, holistic treatment and a better understanding of their condition. Here was a platform where along with medication, the patient is treated in multipathies that made a positive difference on his physical condition, emotional and mental bearing.
Patients and their families go through a severe, sometimes acute phobia of the implication of Vascular Disease, leading to heart attack, stroke. Patient’s family members are subjected to a plethora of advice given by family, well wishers or more intensely, those who feel their word has ego attached and pressurise the patient into a difficult trial error self treatment system or most favored treatment regime.
Taking the Doctor’s advice becomes mandatory and the patients more often is at his mercy as to how the treatment should proceed.
This book is written with the intention of empowering every person to overcome the fear and helplessness associated with such diseases. Recovery and successful treatment depends equally on the emotional, mental involvement of the patient as is medicine or other treatment systems.
A holistic approach is suggested in this book.
The first section explores briefly in understanding the progress made in treatments of Vascular Disease in modern times and how the scientific and medical community has progressed with Investigations and treatments options.
The section on ‘Health’ explores how the body functions with just enough information is given so a casual reader understands why disease occurs. Much is published about what happens in a state of disease and conventional options of treatment. The more difficult the jargon, the more impressed and anxious people become about seeking help.
In simple words, this section aims to demystify the intricacies of health and disease.
In my personal experience the optimum treatment combination is using the foundation of a holistic approach. Body-mind-soul. This is easy to follow using energy or holistic healing, Aahar, Vihar, Vichar, Vyayam, Aushadhi and holistic healing combined.
The reductionist view of modern medicine is overcome in the section that explores ‘Going beyond medicine’. We are not different parts of a whole …. We are a beautiful inter dependant, internally supporting network of energies. Different energies are woven into organs and their interdependent functions are the different metabolic systems. Guidelines on holistic healing for better health are given here. These include marma stimulations, positive visualization and hands on healing.
We all get very excited with guidelines about food, so a larger section is dedicated under ‘Aahar’. An expanded understanding of what, how, why of Aahar is included here.
Our lifestyle becomes the root cause of disease and information in ‘Vihar’ helps to resolve many aspects.
Stress being the trigger of most diseases, overcoming tension, strain with a different guideline is explored in the section on ‘Vichar’.
The body is designed to move, and sedentary life reduces rejuvenation, revival and balances in health. Few suggestions are given in ‘Vyayam’ to help even the laziest person.
In difficult states, when home remedies are not effective anymore, we resort to taking medication. Or at least that was the state few years ago. Today, pill popping is common, and there are more problems with wrong medication than the disease itself. ‘Aushadhi’ explains briefly how medication should work and an explanatory note on the reasons behind the formulations we use for treating Vascular Disease.
Our treatment protocol is called SHARP (Sanjeevan Heart Attack Rehabilitation Program) and this section explains what is involved, who can use it and what benefits participants have experienced.
My experiences with few select patients are given throughout the book as examples to show how an integrative view made the difference. These are incorporated in the treatment protocol SHARP. What started as a rehab program for heart attack patients today encompasses patients of Vascular Disease, heart disease, deep vein thrombosis, stroke and other high risk afflicted patients. Under the guidance of highly acclaimed cardiac specialists and multi-pathy experts, this protocol is available in Pune, Ahmednagar and promises to reach thousands soon.
Different aspects of SHARP protocol are given that make a practical, affordable, accessible, viable and clinically verifiable treatment option for all who seek treatment, and for those who wish to take timely care.
I learned as I practiced. Each person we encountered further added information that was useful to many more in how best to help patients of difficult chronic diseases. The learning process goes on.
The protocol to practice these options is being offered by various doctor and under the guidance of Dr Avinash Inamdar in Pune.
I have enjoyed all the experiences, knowledge sharing and unique views of teachers, trainers, patients, books, well wishers, family and friends who have helped to convert this ongoing process into a book, which I am sure will help thousands more.

Happy reading.
Dr Sujata Vaidya